Nakba Day event

On Sunday 15th of May, one hundred of our members and supporters gathered in Thistle Hall, Wellington to commemorate Al Nakba (the catastrophe): the day in the Palestinian calendar chosen to mark the period in 1948 – 74 years ago – when Israeli militias massacred and displaced over 750,000 Palestinians, expelling then from their villages and homeland into refugee camps.

Our event was MC’d by Wajd Sameer and Samira Zaiton and included poetry readings by Khadro Mohamed and Sameer El-Matary and Arabic singing by Shaymaa Arif. Speeches in solidarity with Palestine were made by Teanau Tuiono MP (Green Party of Aotearoa), Tamatha Paul (Wellington City Councillor) and Tory Whanau (Wellington Mayoral Candidate).

Our guests also watched some videos on Al Nakba and the situation in Sheik Jarrah (the latter presented by the Palestinian activist and poet Mohamed El-Kurd). The event opened with one minute’s silence to mark the killing of Palestinian, Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh by Israeli military forces.

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