Denouncing government’s “double-standards” on sanctions

Justice for Palestine has written an open letter to the Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs denouncing the Goverment’s “double-standards” on human rights. While supporting the imposition of sanctions on Russia for its illegal and violent occupation of Ukraine, Aotearoa New Zealand has failed to take similar action to address Israel’s flagrant breaches of international law, international humanitarian law and the human rights of Palestinians living under Israel’s illegal occupation.

Our genuine human solidarity with Ukraine does not prevent us from pointing out the double-standards in the West’s response. In fact, it is important that we do, not only because Palestinian lives matter, but because if we legitimise this illegal and oppressive occupation we will simply see more human tragedy like we are witnessing in Ukraine right now.

Neil Ballantyne, Justice for Palestine.

Justice for Palestine calls on the Government to apply a consistent approach by implementing independent sanctions against the state of Israeli for its illegal occupation of Palestine. This would demonstrate our nation’s commitment to international law, international humanitarian law and human rights standards is principled and founded in an independent foreign policy, and not susceptible to hypocrisy.

Full text of open letter.

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