Solidarity with the Palestinian People

Since 1977 the United Nations has called on all member states to observe the 29th of November as a day of international solidarity with the Palestinian people. In 2020 Wellington Palestine warmly welcomed over 100 New Zealanders, of all ages and identities, to join us in a demonstration of Kiwi solidarity with Palestine.

Our event included speakers from Aotearoa and overseas (by video) discussing why solidarity is important and what we can do to show our solidarity with the Palestinian people. Some of the highlights are shown below.

Speakers by video:

Speakers in person:

  • Golriz Ghahraman, MP (Green Party)
  • Ibrahim Omer, MP (Labour Party)
  • Teanau Tuiono, MP (Green Party)
  • Dr Catherine Love (Mau Whenua)
  • Adrian Guerrero (The Latin Collective)
  • Shahd El-Matary (Co-Convenor, Wellington Palestine)
  • Samira Zaiton (Wellington Palestine)
  • Nadia Abu-Shanab (Wellington Palestine)

Songs by Matiu Te Huki and poetry readings by Sam Duckor-Jones & Sameer El-Matary. Both Vic Books and Trade Aid offered a stall at the event.

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